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Leo And Leo Compatibility In Love, Dating & Relationships

Leo And Leo Compatibility In Love, Dating & Relationships

This zodiac sign’s need to always be in the spotlight can be tough to handle, especially when you try to fit two huge personalities into one relationship.

Leo and Leo Sexual Compatibility

A Leo-Leo match-up is a recipe for a steamy scene. Fire sign Leos are already known to have a strong sexual desire, but two Leos at the same time? That fire between them can only be put out if they allow it.

This zodiac sign is impossible to resist, so the two of them together can be troublesome. But unlike other signs, Leos will always be in the mood; even the slightest shift of the wind can get them feeling a special way.

Leo and Leo Emotional and Romantic Compatibility

Leos are compatible on many levels, especially when it comes to giving one another compliments and finding joy in the love they share. Overall, two Leos do make a good couple, but there is a high chance of drama due to ego-driven emotions and power struggles for attention.

If Leo and Leo can overcome their need to be the boss, a successful relationship is entirely possible. This zodiac sign is known to be loyal and confident, which means the bond between two Leos will be fiery and passionate.

Leo and Leo Trust and Communication Compatibility

Because of their large egos, Leo and Leo could have a hard time communicating when their own personal struggle to be the boss gets in the way. Both of them are reluctant to let go of their viewpoints, and the need to be correct can cause arguments that may be hard to come back from.

The good news, though, is that if they can learn to focus on each other, not tear down, they can build trust back up. Their best bet is to find the middle ground in a tense situation, and squash fights before they get too heated.

Leo and Leo Shared Values and Interests

Anyone who has ever had a conversation with Leo knows they have a great sense of humor. They are naturally funny and strive to make others laugh all the time. It’s a constant comedy show in a Leo-Leo relationship – the only question is: who will make the other one die of laughter first?Read More »Leo And Leo Compatibility In Love, Dating & Relationships